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For the past decade or so, my passion has been photographing sports, especially baseball. There’s nothing like it for me. I love sports, photography and graphic design. When you combine the three, my work ethic is off the charts. I know how to find the right image, I know how to capture the right moment and I know how to catch the right emotion in any given competition. I know what makes an image look powerful.

I am currently based in the capital city of Iowa, Des Moines, and central Iowa as well. When I’m not out shooting, I’m usually running, riding my bike, or playing with my dogs!

I absolutely expect more from myself than others expect from me. I hold myself at the highest standards. I'm confident that you won’t be disappointed with my work.

If you want work together with me on a potential project, please feel free to reach out at me! The best way to contact me is via text.


MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) - Photo Editor (2012 - current)

Iowa Cubs - Team Photographer (2013 - current)

Iowa Wolves - Team Photographer (2016 - current)

Rochester Red Wings  - Team Photographer (2010-2011)

RIT Athletics (NCAA D1 Hockey) - Photographer (2009-2013)

Cycling Sports Group - Photo Retoucher (2012)


(515) - 771 - 4407 (text)

Instagram | Twitter

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